About Me

Javan is a Christian writer out of Ohio, who has seen multiple articles published in such magazines as Christian StandardThe Messengerand Prism. Most of his articles, however, can be found in The Lookout. He has written guest blogs for a men’s site, Third Option Men. He has also seen three of his writings place in the top 5% of entries in the 80th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition.

Javan Headshot 

Javan has other areas in which he enjoys ministering. He has a deep passion for music, as that was his major at Heidelberg University. (To see his journey from music to writing see the link below.) Javan’s primary musical outlet is at his local church, where he involved in the music ministry. He has plans in the future of becoming more involved in the adult teaching ministry. Because we are to be involved in ministry outside of church as well, he organized a men’s group Bible study at work.

Javan also enjoys attending his son’s and daughter’s many baseball games, dance recitals, music concerts, art shows or whatever they happen to be involved in at the moment, along with his wife of ten years. He loves German food, but unfortunately does not get to eat it as often as he would like.

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